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These are really the best tables for the money.  Here's why:


1. All Baxter Pool Tables include three-piece, one-inch thick slate with a three-quarter inch wood lining. Tournament pool tables at events sanctioned by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) are required to meet these same specifications.

2. Slate should be one inch thick for durability and weight. The heavy slate weighs the table down so that the pool table is not easily bumped or moved. One inch thick slate is also very durable but it's also expensive and that's why it’s difficult to find a quality made one inch slate table for under $2500.

3. Three-piece slate is mandated by the BCA and makes the table easier to ship from the billiard factory and to set up without damaging the slate and helps make the table easier to level.

4. Wood slate lining is an important feature that a lot of inferior slate pool tables don't have. The lining helps the slate fit into the cabinet snugly, it allows the felt to be stapled around the slate instead of glued and it makes the table play a little more quietly.


1. The cushions are one of the most important components of a quality pool table. All of our cushions are made from 100% natural gum rubber. Gum rubber is a natural material that provides consistent rebound and a long service life. All Baxter tables feature cushions made completely from natural gum rubber with out fillers or additives.

2. All Baxter rails are made of solid hardwood.

3. All Baxter rails are made with the use of a CNC machine, which is the only way to achieve the consistency required for a high quality, uniform rail. At SM, every rail is the same. Because your table will have six rails, you'll be glad that they all act the same.


1.       All Baxter pool tables feature metal on metal contacts. This is a very important feature that most companies never discuss. Each screw that holds the cabinet together actually screws into a metal insert that is placed in the wood of the cabinet. This means that the cabinet can be taken apart and put back together many times without wearing out the cabinet. Because the metal insert holes are drilled by a CNC machine, the cabinet is assembled perfectly square every time it is put together.

2. All Baxter tables feature double interlocking center beams. This added measure of strength is expensive which is why very few competitors do it.   It is easy to understand the benefits of two center beams.


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